Probe42 Business

Information is power.

Make better business decisions with the go-to-tool for comprehensive intelligence on your clients, vendors and competitors.

Make better decisions
Evaluate legal and credit history of potential partners/suppliers
Track competitors

A detailed list of use-cases

Sales / Marketing Teams

Identify high quality leads

Evaluate potential among leads

Assistance with contacting leads

Credit Teams

Establish creditworthiness

Get access to company litigation and GST filing trends

Ongoing monitoring

Reduce bad debt

Auditors / Lawyers

Perform background checks of new companies before making pitches

Get access to company litigation and GST filing trends

Generate new leads by looking at auditors from previous years


Self Serve

Ready to go with you. All you need to do is sign up. You are free to look for exactly what you need right after.

3 Free Companies

The trial version offers information on 3 companies for a glimpse of what Probe can offer.

Pay on the go

Once you finish the trial version, you can Upgrade for the paid version as per your specific needs.

Collaborate better with your teams

Work faster and more efficiently with teams in your company with the power of data to guide your analyses and decisions.

List of Data Points provided

Company Coordinates and Company Status

List of Directors and their other directorships

List of Charges (Secured Lendings)

Shareholding details

Group Companies

Financial Statements (Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements) and Financial Ratios

Peer Comparison

GST Details

Litigation Details

Credit Rating

Trusted by decision makers

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