Over time, financial ratios have been used to quickly evaluate the financial and operational health of a company. Ratios are precise, yet elaborate enough in their own way. Most of these ratios can be calculated through financial statements and then compared with industry benchmarks to get a broader understanding. For
Data has changed the way retail lending is done Data on retail clients has made a significant impact on the way banks lend to retail customers. Various information sources such as PAN, Aadhar, and Credit Bureau scores have significantly transformed the way banks lend to individuals. Cycle times to identify,
April 2018 The Probe Newsletter We present below facts about companies in India that are based on Probe analysis and estimates. This analysis is as of early April, 2018 Universe of Registered Companies Currently, there are 1,118,623 active companies in India, out of 1,838,627 companies ever registered. Madhya Pradesh had
The retail lending space has changed rapidly over the past two decades, thanks to the use of data and technology. We are starting to see a similar transformation in the business lending space, through use of public data and automation. Based on the trends we have seen over the past
Are you ready for the new era of sales? Today customers are more informed than ever on the highly competitive banking sector. In this highly competitive state, what is most important is how different you are from any other salesperson. Therefore, knowing your prospect better than anyone else is the