Focus On High ROI

Sheetal Jain
Leave the data collection to us. Focus on getting a High ROI. Think about this for a moment. A typical credit analysis (Bank/ B2B credit) requires analysis of information provided by the borrower, corroboration of that information from public domain sources as well as market intelligence. As a result- the
Know Your Customer (KYC) is the first crucial step in credit analysis for any commercial lending firm. The primary objective of this process is to prevent money laundering, and to manage risk and financial frauds. As per RBI regulations on KYC, the objective of KYC/Anti Money Laundering (AML)/Combating of Financial
To appreciate why efficiencies driven by information are crucial to the banking sector, let us do some number crunching. Note: All data below are results of Probe research. Broadly speaking, banks’ income can be categorized into interest income (interest on loans to borrowers) and non-interest income (fees and commissions, profits
The digital revolution is reshaping industries across the globe, with data analytics being a key driver of this transformation. Insights gained from data are integral to the strategic decision-making apparatus of companies, enabling cost reductions as well as revenue growth. Among the industries with the potential to benefit most from
Over time, financial ratios have been used to quickly evaluate the financial and operational health of a company. Ratios are precise, yet elaborate enough in their own way. Most of these ratios can be calculated through financial statements and then compared with industry benchmarks to get a broader understanding. For