Introduction to Analyzing Financial Statements There are various methods and techniques to perform Financial Statement Analysis. However, the most common methods of financial statement analysis include the following: Horizontal Analysis: A horizontal analysis is a comparison of financial statements with that of two or more previous years and its elements.
Financial Statements of a Company Financial statements are reports prepared by a company’s management to present the financial performance and position at a point in time. A general-purpose set of financial statements usually includes a Profit and Loss Statement, a Balance Sheet and a Statement of cash flows. Financial statements
Universe of Registered Companies As of Jul-20, there are 12,33,767 active companies in India. 3,08,312 active companies were incorporated in India between Jan-18 to Jul-20. Presently, there are 52,087 active companies in Hyderabad city. The chart does not include LLPs. Company Classification As of Jul-20, there are 19,396 Not for
MCA has via its circular dated 17 August 2020 issued a clarification on the extension of the Annual General Meeting for the year ended 31 March 2020. This circular is an extended clarification to the General Circular dated 05 May 2020 regarding holding of Annual General Meeting through video conferencing
Universe of Registered Companies Currently, there are 12,17,127 active companies in India. In the last 6 months 47,922 active companies were registered in India. As of June-20, there are 68,404 active companies in Odisha. The chart does not include LLPs. Company Classification Currently, there are 60,458 public companies in Presently,