Credit makes the world go around. Without this life blood of the economic system, many businesses would cease to exist. If a company makes a sale on credit, only when the cash is collected that the sale is considered to be final and complete. Credit department plays an important role
Successful sales professionals tend to depend on their gut feel and natural charisma to gain a competitive advantage. Is sales prowess by itself sufficient to predict or influence customer behaviour? Not really. It also needs the support of data today. And lots of it. The Covid 19 pandemic has changed
Running a background check on prospective employees by the company HR is well-known. What about your suppliers? Vendors in many ways are an extension of your organization helping you manage work processes and assure delivery. By doing a thorough screening of suppliers, you can prevent loss of reputation or fines
Every company registered under the Companies Act has to get its accounts audited by a statutory auditor and present his views before the stakeholders every year. Auditors are professionals that are not related or connected to the company’s operations and hence their independent opinion matters to shareholders and other stakeholders.
Valuation analysts on the buy and sell side operate in an extremely competitive environment. While financial prowess and extensive research skills are part of the basic skill sets needed to execute their job, there are certain traits that make them stand out from the rest. Here are six of them: