Business Reforms and Enablers under Govt. Scheme – SELF RELIANT INDIA
Corporate Law measures to boost Ease of Doing Business:   Timely Action during COVID–19 to reduce compliance burden under various provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 as well as enable companies to conduct Board Meetings, EGMs & AGMs, Rights issue by leveraging the strengths of Digital Decriminalization of Companies Act
A short note on the Indian cement industry and its future by Vijay S
With a very large number of MSMEs struggling with cash flows, due to delayed payments, reduced customer demand and a general slow-down in the economy, it is important to focus on getting demand back as soon as possible. The best way would be to incentivise accelerated spending over the next
When the Corona led lockdowns started in the middle of March, not only in India but across various parts of the world, the business world was stunned. Most believed the world would not be able to function and work will come to a standstill. 6 weeks later, the on-ground experience

Focus On High ROI

Sheetal Jain
Leave the data collection to us. Focus on getting a High ROI. Think about this for a moment. A typical credit analysis (Bank/ B2B credit) requires analysis of information provided by the borrower, corroboration of that information from public domain sources as well as market intelligence. As a result- the