Independent Directors’ (ID) act as a mentor, coach and guide to a company. With their knowledge, experience and skill, they guide the Board in risk management while also striving to improve corporate credibility and accountability. Through their presence in various corporate committees, amongst other things, they also ensure good corporate
Understanding business information landscape :   When it comes to understanding the information landscape, banks and businesses need to plan around the following 4 types of information sources and availability. This is normally with respect to the companies you want to lend to, or evaluate as a customer or supplier.
The corporate world is a tough world with very high mortality rates and mediocre outcomes despite the best of intentions. Very few companies reach the very top cut of ‘true greatness’. Much of the true greatness can be seen in the financials of these companies, which in a sense is
Universe of Registered Companies As of Jan-2021, there were 22,30,547 companies incorporated out of which 13,17,832 are active. 21.3% companies were incorporated after CY2018. There are 7,941 active companies in Chandigarh city. The chart does not include LLPs. Company Classification There are 11,295 active foreign companies in India. 269 companies
The Reserve Bank of India (“RBI”) on 05th January 2021 issued a circular introducing the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), which is a 20-digit number used to uniquely identify parties to financial transactions worldwide. RBI has decided to introduce the LEI system for all payment transactions of value of Rs.50 crore