Running a business with a high market share is profitable, points out various studies. Why is that so? There could possibly be three explanations for it: Economies of scale A company with a 30% market share operates at twice the scale as that of one with 15% market share. So,
Conventional tactics for prospecting good leads might not work for B2B marketers in 2022. This is simply because the pandemic years have altered the way purchasers act and make purchases. A recent study by Mckinsey Research found that 90% of B2B sales have switched to digital channels. Businesses are increasingly
A ship in harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for. Similarly, it is next to impossible to grow a business without taking credit risks. However it’s important that risk mitigation measures are also in place lest your business succumbs to a stormy business environment. RBI recently
Once a private bank was sifting its corporate client list using PAN numbers. To their surprise, they found the names of 15 clients registered under a single PAN. In effect, 15 different versions of its name had led to the client name being registered differently by the bank officials. Company
An entrepreneur wants to know the financial health of customer/suppliers in order to make informed business decisions. A manager in turn needs financial metrics to direct his team better while an investor makes it an important criterion for his investment decisions. Financial performance analysis entails a full diagnosis of the

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