Company Secretary using Probe42 to increase efficiency
“Why does it take so much time to prepare an RoC search report?” “Is there an easy way to monitor companies where I provide Secretarial services?” “Can I access and evaluate a company’s detailed legal history at a glance?” As a Company secretary, these are some questions that might arise
There has been a lot of conversation around the V2 to V3 migration by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). We have created a brief explainer for you that provides an overview of the changes, as well as an associated timeline. We’ve also compiled a list of documents that are
Over time, financial ratios have been used to quickly evaluate the financial and operational health of a company. Ratios are precise, yet elaborate enough in their own way. Most of these ratios can be calculated through financial statements and then compared with industry benchmarks to get a broader understanding. For
Running a business with a high market share is profitable, points out various studies. Why is that so? There could possibly be three explanations for it: Economies of scale A company with a 30% market share operates at twice the scale as that of one with 15% market share. So,
Conventional tactics for prospecting good leads might not work for B2B marketers in 2022. This is simply because the pandemic years have altered the way purchasers act and make purchases. A recent study by Mckinsey Research found that 90% of B2B sales have switched to digital channels. Businesses are increasingly

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